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Pledge to Climate Change,Global Warming and Eco friendly fuels:

At the core of our relationship with the global biodiesel community is our commitment to serve the world community particularly India to attain self sufficiency in fuel energy, reduce environmental pollution, contain Global Warming and addressing the Socio economic issues by involving the farmers to enjoy the benefits of this green field Industry. Our deep understanding and commitment towards these burning issues the world is facing today, forms the foundation of our vision and mission, technology & the process. One of the most important question that's haunting us today is the Global warming, Climate change and the soil and environmental pollution. All of us are seriously concerned about the future of our children ....

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Will they live in a safe environment or will our children have to live on an earth full of natural calamities ,devastation and disease.

We are fully aware that we are responsible for such a state of affairs - we relentlessly worked towards modernization and Industrialization, hybridization of seeds and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and lethal Agro chemicals; thereby polluting the atmosphere and poisoning mother earth as well.

There is serious concern and awareness across the globe to arrest and then to reverse the trend immediately.

Towards this,Kyoto protocol was signed - a pledge towards a greener tomorrow, use of green Bio Energy,controlling air pollution and arresting global warming.The world is ushering into a new era of Biobased and Renewable natural energy sources.

Mineral fuels such as Diesel,Petrol,Coal are potential source of Carbon Dioxide,Sulphur Dioxide,Nitrous oxide and other particulate matters released into the atmosphere.Therefore, alternate source of clean burning fuel such as Biodiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen cell, Biogas, Hydel and wind energy had been identified by the world Scientific community as the energy bank of the future.

At BIODIESEL TECHNOCRATS, KOLKATA, INDIA, we are a group of highly skilled technical professionals consisting of widely experienced Chemical Engineers & Agriculturists dedicated to the cause of CLEAN ENERGY production Technology, particularly production of Biodiesel Jatropha and other oil seeds production and biodiesel processing Plants of various capacities ranging from 3TPD to 300 TPD.We are one of the premier manufacturers of Biodiesel processing plants on our own technology.

Biodiesel can be made from any vegitable oil or Animal fat by a chemical conversion process called Transesterification whereby the long chain fatty acids present in the oil or fat is converted to ethyl or methyl esters and the triglyceride present is separated as glycerin. The end product of the chemical process is Biodiesel ( FAME- Fatty Acid Methyl Ester/ ethyl ester) and Glycerin.

The base oil used in the biodiesel production varies from region to region over the world.USA makes it from Soyabin oil, France uses Sunflower oil,Germany Canola or Rapeseed,Malayasia Palm.But one of the best and most economically viable source is a oil seed bearing tree called JATROPHA CURCUS, locally known as RATANJYOT - the plant grows quite well in the Indian Subcontinent.Other non-edible oils available in India for biodiesel production are Pongamia (Karanj), Neem, Castor, Ricebran, Animal fats, Acid oil, Fatty Acid Distilate and others.

Plantation of Jatropha Curcus is going on in a large scale in our country.

In India, the Industry is in it's nascent stage but there is euphoria amongst the people across the country to make India self reliant in this front.Since Jatropha is a plant of Tropics, India has very large potential and the west is looking at us.We are very positive that the initiative taken by GOI and others will go a long way in mitigating the miseries of our farmers and we emerge stronger in our economy in the coming years.

Indian Railways, Tata Motors, Daimler Chrysler, IOC and others have already conducted trial runs successfully with Biodiesel.

The initiative taken by The Government of India is praise worthy. Our Learned President is the driving force behind the national initiative .A national biodiesel policy has been worked out awaiting announcement. Small production facilities ( 3000 - 30,000 lts per day) are being set up by us for different Indian companies at Hyderabad (Already in Production) Kolkata,Mumbai and neighbouring countries.

With the shortage of Petrodiesel and soaring prices, the world is heading towards a greener way: THE BIODIESEL WAY and INDIA is no exception. Biodiesel is basically a TBO (Tree borne Oil). Biodiesel is also termed as a substitute for HSD. Biodiesel supersedes High Speed Diesel (HSD) by all parameters like High Flash point, High lubricating property, Clean burning fuel, No carbon emissions, economical etc.

We at Biodiesel Technocrats, provide a platform to the entrepreneurs who want to change the face of the nation by restructuring its origin. Any country today needs to be self-sufficient especially in the basic necessities index, in order to provide a better living to the country people. India is one nation where oil seems to be a weak point AND IF WE CAN OVERCOME THIS PROBLEM THEN INDIA CAN BE A SUPER POWER SOON. WE HAVE THE BEST OF THE DEFENCE THEN WHY NOT OIL.

Headquartered in Kolkata India, Biodiesel Technocrats was conceived in 2002 in response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of the various polluting emissions casing our environment. Biodiesel Technocrats was conceived by a group of Technologists with a comprehensive professional experience with multinational companies under the able stewardship of Mr. Amitabha Sinha who is the M.D & Chief of Technology of the company. Mr. Amitabha Sinha proposed a journey for the present society at large from the present polluted and harmful environment back to the green and pure environment as it was ages before. He thought of developing an alternative source of energy that can reduce pollution levels in our country, organic in nature. Soon his thought were materialized into action when the idea/concept of manufacturing Biodiesel Processing Plants crystallized. The feedstock used was organic in character which produced Biodiesel as per the ASTM, EN and BIS Standards. This marked the beginning of our organization. Since the operation of the first Biodiesel processing Plant in Hyderabad, Biodiesel Technocrats has built a strong reputation as a leading pioneer in the manufacturing, fabricating and assembling Biodiesel Processing Plants.

We strive to make India a better place to live in by providing an opportunity to the people of the nation to make it self sufficient.

India produces only 22% of its diesel requirement and 78% is imported at a huge cost in foreign currency. Our expenditure and outlay for the import of Petroleum fuel is second to our Defense budget. With the introduction of compulsory use of 10-20% biodiesel in UK, USA, FRANCE, Germany, Japan and other countries who specifies a 40-50% mix by 2010, India has a huge requirement by 2010 to meet the world norms and emission standards and a national policy has already been given a green signal by the Government of India in the year 2003.

Biodiesel can be used directly in diesel propelled engines without any modifications.

Indian Railways has already completed a trial run on AMRITSAR-SHATABDI EXPRESS. The Chief Minister of CHATTISGARH runs his official vehicle on Biodiesel, HARYANA State Transport buses have been run by using Biodiesel. A train from KHARAGPUR to Howrah in West Bengal had been given a trial run by using Biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a better fuel than Petrodiesel and meets most of the chemical / Physical standards of Petrodiesel. Being plant based it does not emit Sulphur / CO on burning and is non-polluting, bio degradable and environmentally safe. Biodiesel can be used 10%, 20% or in any proportion doping the Petrodiesel and it can be very safely used as 100% replacement of Petrodiesel in all kinds of DISEL ENGINES without any modification of the currently available diesel engines.

In line with Mercedes, Daimler Chrysler and other renowned automobile manufacturers, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA and TATA MOTORS in India have by now extended the engine warranty on use of Biodiesel in their vehicles.