Ownership : BIODIESEL TECHNOLOGIES, KOLKATA, INDIA is owned and managed by a team of dynamic Techno-professionals with world class knowledge, experience and resource network base.

Amitabha Sinha - Managing Director & Chief of technology, Ex- Goodricke Group Ltd has 40 years of professional experience in mass scale commercial plantation and designing of Processing machineries a driving force behind the Biodiesel Technologies team.

Jayanta Banerjee - Executive Director (Projects), Ex-Goodricke Group Ltd has years of professional experience in mass scale commercial plantation.

Mrs. Priyadarshini Sanyal Sinha - Executive Director (Administration, Finance & Operations), Ex- Standard Chartered Bank

B.S.Choudhury - Director (Technical) has long 40 years of experience in Project Management and structural Engineering.He was the Managing Director of MGCC.

Paresh Nath Rajak - General Manager (Technology Group) is a chemical Engineer from J.U. A chemical Plant Engineer of repute. His understanding and uncanny aptitude in Chemical plant operation and technology, particularly biodiesel is noteworthy.

Dr. R.K.Bhattacharjee - Director (Research) is EX –NIIT.

Dr. A.C.Paul - Director (Projects & R&D) is Ex professor of NIT is a Chemical Engineer. His field of specialization includes Thermodynamics in Chemical process technology and Organic Synthesis.

Dr. R.Parekh - Chief Engineer (R&D) is Ex Mobil USA is in charge of our Biodiesel Laboratory.

Dr. S. Murarka - Associate & Consultant plant design & Engineering is a chemist of reputation with Vegetable oil refining technology and designing vegetable oil refining plants.

Abhinav Jha - Asst. Manager- is a Chemical Engineer with long experience in Organic & Inorganic synthesis.

Buddhadev Bera - Manager (Projects) is a Masters in Agriculture from BCKV is well versed in Jatropha and other commercial crops.

SK Jaiswal - Assistant Manager (Projects) is a Bechelor degree holder in Biotechnology has 7 years experience in Jatropha Agrotechnique and Commercial production of Biodiesel. He has undergone many vocational training in these fields from reputed organizations.

Mr. Surojit Sharma - Assistant Managers (Administration)
Mr. Sandip Sil - Assistant Manager (Administration)

Apart from the above we have an impressive team of Experienced professionals, Scientists and Technocrats associated with us in various capacity.

We have, excellent Engineering partners, Technology and knowledge sharing partners to execute different projects with ease of locations and logistics apart from our own strength as had been stated in the foregoing pages.

The TEAM at BIODIESEL TECHNOLOGIES, KOLKATA, INDIA, solicits your support in all it’s endeavors to be able to always deliver QUALITY AND VALUE IN ALL THEIR ASSIGNMENTS.