1. India is the fourth largest consumer of fossil fuel in Asia Pacific.
  2. Current crude oil consumption – 130 MMT.
  3. Estimated crude oil demand by 2010 – 204 MMT.
  4. Current Crude oil Import – 90.43 MMT.
  5. Estimated Crude oil Import by 2010 – 110 MMT.

Setting up a Biodiesel Processing plant has become a reality in India and many entrepreneurs are setting up the plant in different parts of the country, keeping with the national biodiesel mission announced by the Government of India in the Planning commission Report on Biofuels published in 2003 (Please see ANNEXURE I for a gist of the report).

INDIA has tremendous potential for the Biodiesel Industry as elsewhere in the world. USA/UK/Germany/France/Brazil are the forerunners in this field and had taken up their biodiesel mission from 1999 onwards. In INDIA, we produce only 22% of our mineral fuel requirement and the rest is imported at a huge cost. With the skyrocketing oil prices all over the globe and to ward off GLOBAL WARMING thretning our very existence, and to restore ECOLOGICAL BALANCE Indian mission on biofuels is the order of the day. We have vast expanse of waste and marginal land, tropical climate, vast manpower – ideal conditions for growing JATROPHA CURCUS, the most suitable Non-edible oil seed for biodiesel production. Cultivation of JATROPHA CURCUS is going on in full swing in almost all the Indian states with a strong determination of making INDIA self sufficient in FUEL OILS in the coming years.

Pledge to Climate Change,Global Warming and Eco friendly fuels:

At the core of our relationship with the global biodiesel community is our commitment to serve the world community particularly India to attain self sufficiency in fuel energy, reduce environmental pollution, contain Global Warming and addressing the Socio economic issues by involving the farmers to enjoy the benefits of this green field Industry. Our deep understanding and commitment towards these burning issues the world is facing today, forms the foundation of our vision and mission, technology & the process.

GLOBAL WARMING- Melting of Ice.