The basic requirement for setting up the plant that you require is Land. Now the question that comes to your mind as to how much land will be required for setting up the Plant. It is directly related to the capacity of the plant that you put up.

However it is imperative that we provide you with the following details that will take away fer questions from your mind :

  1. Requirement of land :   Ranges from 5 Acres
  2. Factory Shed:                  15,000 Sq. Feet
  3. Electrical:                         440V/250KVA
  4. Water Supply:                 24 hours piped water supply with O/H storage 20,000 Litres
  5. Stand By Power:            150 KVA Genset
  6. Analytical Laboratory : Basic module will be set up by us
  7. Set of storage Tanks :  Will be dependent on the capacity of the Processing Plant
  8. Biodiesel Processor Unit: Modular batch Transesterifiers BDT5 MTPD to 500 MTPD is capable of handling MULTI FEEDSTOCK
  9. The Plant supplied is also capable of handling Acid Oil with high FFA upto 60%-90% in a s Esterification and Transesterification Process. Animal Fat with high FFA upto 5% is also successfully handled by the Plant.