BDT series Biodiesel Processors

Biodiesel processing units of Biodiesel Technocrats, Kolkata, India produce ASTM D6751-compliant biodiesel from any vegetable oil or animal fats with an Acid Value of 5% or less. Production rates range from 5000 Lts. To 5,00,000 Lts.per day. This production rate includes down time for regular maintenance and upkeeps well as personnel shift changes throughout the day.

BDT-Series Biodiesel Processing Unit Highlights :

  • Guaranteed to produce ASTM D6751-compliant biodiesel
  • Continuous Flow/ Modular Batch Transesterifiers, available
  • Waterless wash-zero water in - zero waste water out
  • Skid mounted, versatile and expandable
  • Includes complete Installation, start up, & transitional assistance
  • All units include a 5-day training curriculum and proficiency testing with a certified technician for up to FIVE of your employees
  • Turn-key custom installation with complete build-out available


Building a greener future today starts by accessing the technology of tomorrow.

At Biodiesel Technocrats, we work hard to provide the best in class technology through continuous process of improvement and innovation in our processing plants.

Our highly praised BDT-series processing units are the harvest of the effort. By looking outside the realm of contemporary biodiesel processing, Biodiesel Technocrats has integrated scientific solutions from industries all over the world, in production quality, system automation, chemistry, filtration, and efficiency. Biodiesel Technocrats benchmark leadership continues to provide the Biodiesel industry with breakthrough advantages. The Biodiesel Technocrats Processing Advantage produces the highest quality biodiesel, significantly exceeding all minimum standards for quality established by ASTM D6751 specifications. The fact that all our BDT-series processing units are modular and have extremely low operating cost, is further example of Biodiesel Technocrats, Kolkata, India’s commitment to our customer’s needs.

Our company was founded upon the ideal of creating a greener world. Biodiesel Technocrats’ process removes all water content in the first stage of processing and never reintroduces water in the subsequent stages, thus completely eliminating the risk of adding waste or contaminated water to our already taxed environment. Our pledge to the environment and the biodiesel industry is to create clean systems that have zero waste stream, now and in the future.

Biodiesel Technocrats builds in versatility for an ever changing world. This advantage allows our customers to select feedstock based on availability and price advantages.

Our BDT-series processors are built to be operated by an operator and one assistant. Biodiesel Technocrats, Kolkata, India also offers custom automation systems that can be monitored from a single computer. Biodiesel Technocrats, Kolkata, India is committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Let Biodiesel Technocrats help you to start building your biodiesel processing facility of the future, today!

BDT MINI series

To redefine the technology of Biodiesel Production and to offer this to the Indian Home Brewers and small producers, we have brought in the following Mini series of Biodiesel Processors which are capable of Producing Biodiesel from the following feed stock available in the Indian Subcontinent :

  • Karanj oil
  • Madhucha oil
  • Neem oil
  • Jatropha oil
  • Waste Vegetable oil
  • Rubber seed oil
  • Animal Tallows
  • Acid Oils ( RiceBran, Palm etc)

These series of Biodiesel Processors are named BDT MINI SERIES

The Sizes of the Processing plants are as follows:
  • 1000 Lts per day - BDTMS 1K
  • 2000 Lts per day - BDTMS 2K
  • 3000 Lts per day - BDTMS 3K

These systems are very easy to operate and can be mounted on Tractor trailers as well for field production.

A Tabular snapshot of our Product line-Multifeedstock Biodiesel Processing Plants BDT Series

Production Rate based on 24-hour operation
5 KL/ Day
Annual Tons      1650 MT              MBTU
  Annual Lts.      16,50,000             MBTU
BDT-10MTPD Annual Tons      3300 MT              MBTU
  Annual Lts.      33,00,000 Lts      MBTU
BDT-15MTPD Annual Tons      4950 MT              MBTU
  Annual Lts.      49,50,000 Lts      MBTU
20 KL/Day
Annual Tons      6600 MT             MBTU
  Annual Lts.      66,00,000 Lts     MBTU       
BDT-30MTPD> Annual Tons>      9,900 MT              MBTU/CONT     
  Annual Lts.     99,00,000 Lts  MBTU/CONT
BDT-100MTPD Annual Tons     33,000 MT  CONTINEOUS
  Annual Lts.     330,00,000 Lts  CONT.
BDT-500MTPD Annual Tons    1,65,000 MT     CONT
  Annual Lts.    165,000,000 Lts  CONT.


List of Included components :

The following list is partial outline of the major assemblies for Pipe to Pipe processing systems.

Input heated Oil Pre treatment tank Digital metering sensors Catalyst blending skid with pumps
Fluid handling pumps (air) Methylate pump Premixing module with pumps
Fluid handling pumps (electric) Oil heating units Transesterification Units (2)
Centrifuge modules (2) Glycerin accumulator tanks (2) Reactor pumps (4)
Digital heat sensors (numerous) Digital micro /Analogue Flow meters Thermo oil Heater
Flash evaporator with heater and vac Methanol recover vacuum system Plate/Tubular Heat Exchangers
Chemical Adsorbent purification towers (4) Final filtration unit (.5 Micron) Methanol recovery tank
Methanol recovery Condensor All electrical power cabling Touch screen control panel (Optional)  
Variable speed multi motor control All control wiring and cabling All internal plumbing and piping     
Settling tanks Computer control module Numerous metering valves
All Biodiesel Technocrats plumbing and electrical consoles All Biodiesel Technocrats structural components for skids only BDT -Catalytic Converts