A. BDT MINI Series :

These series of Biodiesel Processors are named BDT MINI SERIES.

The Sizes of the Processing plants are as follows :

1000 Lts per day - BDTMS 1K

2000 Lts per day - BDTMS 2K

3000 Lts per day - BDTMS 3K

These systems are very easy to operate and can be mounted on Tractor trailers as well for field production.

To redefine the technology of Biodiesel Production and to offer this to the Indian Home Brewers and small producers, we have brought in the following Mini series of Biodiesel Processors which are capable of Producing Biodiesel from the following feed stock available in the Indian Subcontinent:

Karanj oil
Madhucha oil
Neem oil
Jatropha oil
Waste Vegetable oil
Rubber seed oil
Animal Tallows
Acid Oils ( RiceBran, Palm etc)

B. BDT Multi feedstock Processing Unit :

Biodiesel Technocrats manufactures Biodiesel Processing Plants from 5 MTPD to 500 MTPD.

Biodiesel processing units of Biodiesel Technologies, Kolkata, India produce ASTM D6751-compliant biodiesel from any vegetable oil or animal fats with an Acid Value of 5% or less. Production rates range from 5000 Lts. To 5, 00, 000 Lts. per day. This production rate includes down time for regular maintenance and upkeeps well as personnel shift changes throughout the day.
BDT-Series Biodiesel Processing Unit Highlights :

  • Guaranteed to produce ASTM D6751-compliant biodiesel
  • Continuous Flow/ Modular Batch Transesterifiers, available
  • Waterless wash-zero water in - zero waste water out
  • Skid mounted, versatile and expandable
  • Includes complete Installation, start up, & transitional assistance
  • All units include a 5-day training curriculum and proficiency testing with a certified technician for up to FIVE of your employees
  • Turn-key custom installation with complete build-out available