These are being formulated. In fact a national biodiesel policy is awaited where there is supposed to be many concessions for this industry.

Biodiesel is plant based oil processed from TBO (Tree borne oil) that is oil seeds of various plants such as Soyabean, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Ground nut, Palm, Neem, Karanj and even from Animal fats like Lard, Tallow and other fats and oils.

Keepig with the KYOTO PROTOCOL, GLOBAL WARMING & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION issues and shortages of mineral fuels, skyrocketing Crude oil prices, a global revolution has started in production of ECO FRIENDLY ENERGY such as ELECTRICITY from wind mills & Hydel power or bio gas based power generation plants, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Cells, Renewable energy fuel to replace Mineral Oils such as Petrol & Diesel.

In India, we are already using PETROL doped with 5% ETHANOL from 2003 and the ultimate aim is to go for ETHANOL blends upto 20% by 2012.

Likewise, all mineral diesel used by INDIAN RAILWAYS, STATE TRANSPORT, POWER GENERATING PLANTS, and ALL OTHER INDUSTRY will be using upto a blend of 20% BIODIESEL by 2012 ( As proclaimed in GOI, Biodiesel Policy passed in the Parliament in September 2009) and ultimate aim is to completely replace MINERAL DIESEL in due course. Requirement of BIODIESEL, therefore, is HUGE - potential is immense.